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Club foundations.

The Geelong Centrals Netball Association representative program commenced in 2010 as a new association (formed with the merger of 'Geelong Unity Netball Association' and 'Geelong Netball Association'). The founding representative program has been developing Geelong netballers since the early 1980's.

Why the Avatar?

To coincide with the commencement of the 2024 season, the club launched a new logo and brand. AVATARS is our representative teams name and mascot, to distinguish ourselves from the other Reps Teams in the competition. Click here for more info about our new Logo & Brand.



'an  incarnate 

divine teacher.'

'a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth;

Age Requirements.

The representative program is for 12 - 17 year olds.

We run a development program for 11 and under.

Playing Season.

Our program runs from mid-January till mid-December.  Teams play on Monday evenings at Geelong Central Netball Association (Kardinia Park).  It is a requirement that the girls will participate for the full year's program.

Training Expectations.

Training is held on Wednesday afternoons / evenings. Players are expected to attend all sessions, unless unwell. Where possible we do not train during school holidays, although depending on the upcoming circumstances (i.e. finals / upcoming competitions) we may choose to train.


Your child must participate in the GCNA Monday night or Wednesday night competition (either prior to or during the year) to be eligible for the representative program, this is a requirement of Geelong Central Netball Association and Netball Victoria.


On-court players or training partners of other association representative teams are ineligible for GCNA’s program.


Over the years we have had many successes in having girls selected to trial and then participate in the Central West Zone Academy, a pathway with Netball Victoria. We also have a number of participants involved in the Barwon Sports Academy Program.


'a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth;

an incarnate divine teacher.'


Annual representative fees include weekly competition fees, tournament entries, enrichment programs and activities, specialised coaching sessions and various activities during the year (i.e. break ups).


The representative program is very fortunate to have the support of GCNA and as such we are able to keep our fees low (under $500 per child) for the 11 months our program runs.


Parents support Geelong Central Netball Association (GCNA) through fundraising efforts and volunteering throughout the year.

When hosting tournaments the Representative players' parents are expected to assist with running the bbq, including cooking and serving.

2024 Avatars.

Green Gradient


Representatives Coordinator

0400 599 082



Trials are run during November each year from which players are selected to represent Geelong Central Netball Association Inc. the following year.

If selected it comes with responsibilities and expectations.