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MONDAYS - 4:15pm Games

Primary Students: 7-10yo (all inclusive)

N.B. A minimum of 6 teams is required for competition to go ahead.


**No games: Public Holidays or School Holidays

  • Grading Round 1: Monday 12 February

  • Grading Round 2: Monday 19 February

  • Grading Round 3: Monday 26 February

  • Grading Round 4: Monday 4 March

  • Round 5: Monday 18 March

  • Round 6: Monday 25 March

  • Round 7: Monday 15 April

  • Round 8: Monday 22 April

  • Round 9: Monday 29 April

  • Round 10: Monday 6 May

  • Round 11: Monday 13 May

  • Round 12: Monday 20 May

  • Round 13: Monday 27 May

  • Round 14: Monday 3 June

  • Round 15: Monday 17 June

  • Round Robin: Monday 24 June

Semester 1

Semester 2

**No games: Public Holidays or School Holidays

  • Grading Round 1: Monday 15 July

  • Grading Round 2: Monday 22 July

  • Grading Round 3: Monday 29 July

  • Grading Round 4: Monday 5 August

  • Round 5: Monday 12 August

  • Round 6: Monday 19 August

  • Round 7: Monday 26 August

  • Round 8: Monday 2 September

  • Round 9: Monday 9 September

  • Round 10: Monday 16 September

  • Round 11: Monday 7 October

  • Round 12: Monday 14 October

  • Round 13: Monday 21 October

  • Round 14: Monday 28 October

  • Round 15: Monday 11 November

  • Round 16: Monday 18 November

  • Round 17: Monday 25 November

  • Round Robin: Monday 2 December

Competition Information

  • Games are played on Monday.

  • Game Times: 4:15pm | 5:10pm.

  • Games take place on courts 1 to 4.

  • Games consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters.

  • Open to primary school students 10 and under of any gender.

  • Players need to wear uniforms as determined by individual club/team. Uniforms will need to be matching t-shirts and shorts(no pockets)/skirt/legging/dresses.

  • Positional bibs need to be provided by teams (clash bibs are available at the office if neccessary).

  • A ball will need to be provided by teams.

  • A minimum of 6 teams is required for competition to go ahead each semester.



  • Follow your favourite team, watch game scores update in real-time, view draws and ladders

  • Communicate with your team directly through the chat function

  • Register directly to competitions, purchase uniforms, merchandise, and products.

  • Allocated MVP points to players directly in the app, recording player attendance and statistics


  • All players need to register for our competitions through the Netball Connect platform.

  • Download the Netball Connect app for iPhones or Android.

  • All players must enter the competition each season. (2 seasons per year)


  • Netball Victoria Registration Fees: current fees can be found here. NV Memberships must be paid prior to starting at the association - $0 applies at payment if the individual has already registered and paid elsewhere.

  • Individual competition association fees: $6 per player - Players must become a member of our GCNA competitions

  • Team Game Fees: $570 per semester - Team fee invoices will be sent out to team managers after grading. All payments will be paid in full via a bank transfer within 28 days of receiving an invoice.



  • Current walkover fees are included in your Semester Team Game Fees if your team is a full financial member at the time of the forfeit. 

  • If game fees are outstanding pass their due date then a $50 fee will be imposed on the offending team if less than 24hrs notice is given.

  • The walkerover fee will be added to the outstanding invoice.

  • Please contact your Program Coordinator in the event that your team requires a walkover.


  • If a team forfeits and play commences in the first match of the round but the competition for the remainder of the night is cancelled, the forfeit shall stand.

  • If a team forfeits and play is cancelled by the convenor prior to the first match commencing, the forfeit shall stand.

  • If there are not at least five (5) players present to commence a scheduled match, one goal per minute (as determined from the central timing system) will be added to the opponents’ score. If after seven (7) minutes of the starting time there are fewer than five (5) players present then the match will be declared a forfeit.

  • In the event of a forfeit, the non-offending team shall be awarded a win and the score shall read 10-0 in favour of the non-offending team and 4 points will be awarded to that team.

  • In the event that a team forfeits games shall only be recorded for players of the non-offending team. No games will be awarded to players of the offending team.

  • If both teams forfeit then the scores shall read 5-5 and 2 points will be awarded to both teams. 


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